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MilCun Training Center is closed for civilian use by Emergency Order
All police and civilian courses and all OSA events have been cancelled through to the end of June
The 2020 Canadian 3-Gun Challenge and the 2020 Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge have been cancelled
We can provide range rentals to essential services (police, military, EMS, etc.) - contact us directly 
Marksmanship Training for Recreational Shooters, Competition Shooters & Hunters
Recreational Pistol Courses
Recreational Pistol Courses
Enhanced Pistol Skills Course*
Custom Pistol Courses
Recreational Tactical/Service Rifle
Recreational Tactical/Service Rifle
Enhanced Tactical Rifle Skills
Service Rifle Competition Course
Custom Tactical/Service Courses
Recreational Rifle Courses
Long-Range Rifle Courses
Enhanced Long-Range Rifle Course*
PRS-Style Training Weekend
Precision/Sniper Competition Course*
Custom Rifle Courses
Hunting Marksmanship
Hunter Marksmanship Weekend
Hunter Marksmanship Weekend*
Safari Marksmanship Course
Custom Hunting Courses
* Download 2020 Civilian Course Registration form

There's also lots of great training at the OSA club
For custom courses and coaching $1400.00 per day plus taxes and expenses - for more information, email 
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Canadian dollar exchange rates are causing unpredicable prices. We'll do our best to give you a firm price when you order.
Shipping, insurance and taxes extra unless otherwise stated.

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