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Recreational Equipment - Rifles, Gunsmithing, and More
Competition Rifles
Long-Range Competition Rifle

TS2 Rifle
Hunting Rifles
Linda's .308 Hunter
Gunsmithing Shop
Custom Rifles
Rifle Upgrades and Services
Tactical Rifle Services (Colt C8 Armorer)
Pistol Services (Glock Armorer)
Sighting Systems and Shooting Accessories  
Accessories - Sighting System

Rifle & Shooting Accessories
Sighting Systems
Rifle & Shooting Accessories
EZ-Graf Supreme
Brakes, Bipods, Cases, and more
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We are in the business of providing marksmanship training and equipment for professional marksmen (police, military and security), competitors and hunters.
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Canadian dollar exchange rates are causing unpredicable prices. We'll do our best to give you a firm price when you order.
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